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hello,we are Chuangyuan ,a maker of pipe fitting mold in China who with rich experience.we major in these pipe fitting molds such like PPR Pipe Fitting Molds, PVC Collapsible Core Pipe Fitting Molds,PVC Conduit Pipe Fitting Molds,PP Compression Fitting Molds,PE Pipe Fitting Molds,Ball Valves Molds...

Pipe Fitting Molds

With good PPR fittings, you can bulid complete pipe networks which are widely used for rainwater utilization systems, swimming pool facilities, compressed air plants, agriculture and horticulture and solar plants.
PPR plastic pipe fitting moulds for cool/hot water system survive on quality, develop on honesty.

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Fitting Molds

PVC fitting molds for sewage/drainage Provide high efficiency injection mould with intensive cooling system.
Standard: ASTM D-2465,D-2466, D-2665
ISO3633 DIN8061/8062 BS4346-1 BS5255

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Plastic Pipe Fitting Molds

PP/PP-B/PP-H Plastic Pipe fitting moulds for cool/hot water system Quality is life, we keep it in hand.
Main Steel: 1.2344
Quenched with HRC50
Mould Base: LKM standard
Limit switch to make the slide movement under control and prolong the mould life.Complete multi-branches collapsible core system fitting shape.Interchangeable logo insert option.

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Fitting Molds

Plastic pipe fitting moulds
Main Steel: DIN 1.2316 stainless
Standard: EN1401/EN1329
System solution for pipe fitting project.
Fitting ranges from 32mm to 600mm.

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Fitting Molds

PE pipe fitting moulding size from 16mm up to 630mm in diameter. Confidence in development, quality, price of our product and timely delivery comes from our 100 percent devotion to work and 100 percent care to customers. To do the best cooling system for high productivity

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Pipe Fitting Molds

PPSU fittings are used for supply hot water, and instead of copper fittings.
Due to PPSU material is very costly, suggest hot runner systems mould making.
PPSU plastic pipe fitting moulds Metal inside.
High precision tooling, extremely precision of EDM machining.

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PP Compression Fitting Moulds
Conduit Fitting Moulds
Ball Valves Moulds
Collapsible Core Pipe Fitting Moulds
Water Filter Moulds
PVC Noise-Reduction Fitting Moulds

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